Art from scrap metal

We often throw out end-of-life metal objects without even thinking about the fact that they can be given a second life. And we are not talking about scrap cars mississauga.

Unusual use of scrap metal by Russians

Unconventional use of old metal par

ts some craftsmen use to create unique sculptures. For example, Alexander Ivanovich from Chelyabinsk created a very practical invention from an old bicycle, office lamps, and even a chair leg – a weathervane. The wind blows – the sculpture moves.

Maxim Surnin from Izhevsk never ceases to amaze his colleagues, friends and fellow countrymen. He creates giant sculptures from scrap metal. These are both three-meter high dinosaurs, and a giant meat grinder that produces finished metal products, a robot policeman and even a bull from a “Red Bull” beer can. Maxim gathers the material for his works from dumpsters. Each sculpture takes at least a year to create. By the way, Maksim admits that he made his first gift to his future wife by himself. It was a rose welded from metal.

Foreign ideas for the unusual use of scrap metal

And foreign metal sculptor Bob Campbell turns scrap metal into incredibly beautiful furniture: tables, chairs and armchairs. They can be used for their intended purpose, but looking at this beauty it is even pathetic to do so. To create his collection, Bob Campbell collects all kinds of scrap metal, from screws to household appliance parts. Additionally he uses leather, wood and other materials. His exclusive furniture is in great demand.

Also recently surprised everyone by a mechanic from China, which created from scrap metal car famous brand Lamborghini (Reventon). The cost of the copy of the original differs more than 200 times (the original is worth about $ 2 million).

Thanks to inspiration of such industrial designers the waste is turned into a real work of art. And this is so urgent for our littered planet.

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