Causes of parking brake failure

The handbrake mechanism is designed by blocking the wheels to prevent spontaneous movement of the vehicle while it is parked, especially on an incline. This assembly is called a handbrake because it is often activated by a special hand lever, but in some cars the parking brake may be of the foot type. Since the “handbrake” has to be used quite often, the repair of the handbrake sooner or later becomes inevitable. Also, sooner or later it becomes inevitable scrap cars etobicoke.

Signs of malfunction

The main indication that the knot requires repair is a noticeable decrease in the efficiency of its functioning: even after putting the car on the handbrake, there is no reliable holding it in place. At the same time, the lever starts to tighten with some effort or on the contrary, it moves very easily. This is an indication that the shoes, which are responsible for the handbrake, need to be replaced or that the cables of the unit need to be replaced.

Cables Wear Reasons

Thanks to the cables in the parking brake assembly, the force transmitted when the lever is tightened is transferred to the brake mechanisms. It is logical to assume that they are subject to a certain amount of stress with regular use, and due to the wires walking on the bottom, they are adversely affected by moisture. Besides, cables are worn out more quickly if the driver does not use the handbrake for a long time.

Wear Pads

Like the main brake pads, the parking brake pads are also responsible for locking the wheels. If the handbrake is used properly, the pads will show minimal wear and, compared to the main pads, will not require frequent replacement. If the handbrake is not all the way down while the car is moving, the pads begin to overheat, which affects their failure.

Repairing the handbrake in time

As it becomes clear, the handbrake refers to the important nodes responsible for the safety of movement. It occurs fixation of the car not only during parking, but also the task to brake the car at failure of the main brakes. In addition, sometimes the handbrake is used to start on a hill, as well as making sharp turns. That is why the handbrake requires maintaining it in good condition, and in case of failure – to repair in a timely manner.

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