How to Change Fog Lights?

Quality fog lights are what you need to drive safely in all weathers, even in the worst visibility on the road. Unfortunately, these headlights will also wear out over time. And then drivers need to figure out how to put a new bulb. And even better immediately after buying a car, learn how to change the fog light bulb yourself in a particular model to then avoid trouble. If the car is trashed, it’s silly to change the fog lights. Of course, this is an unpleasant situation. But these guys know how to cheer you up. They recycle cars and offer good money for them:

How to choose a bulb for replacement

There are three types of lamps that can be used in fog lights:

Xenon (or their varieties).

At the same time, xenon lamps are considered the highest quality option. But this does not mean that you can replace a blown bulb with a xenon one, in most cases it is technically impossible. The fact is that then in the optical device must be installed a luminous flux corrector, which works in automatic mode. It is needed in order not to dazzle other drivers with too bright light. Therefore, xenon lamps may only be fitted in headlights equipped with such a corrector. In addition, the power of the lamp must comply with the indicator provided by the manufacturer.

What are the difficulties of replacement

In order to change the bulb in the fog light, you still have to get to it. Very often for this purpose at the same time it is necessary to remove the front bumper, and it is already difficult to do independently. In some models, fog lights are almost installed on the back side of the bumper, and it is hard to reach them. Especially since there is an engine cooling radiator on top, and it makes it difficult to get to them. And it’s hard to get to the headlights from below, too, because there are dusters and protectors for the engine mounted there. But there is another option – you can get to the fog lights through the wheel arch.

What you need to do to access the headlight

On modern foreign cars, it is relatively easy to remove the fenders in the arches of the front wheels. This will open access to the fog lights and allow you to replace the bulb. To do this, you will need:

jack and stops,
a set of wrenches,
a set of screwdrivers,
a set of screwdrivers, new bulbs to replace them.
So that the wheel does not interfere with the dismantling work, you should unscrew the steering wheel to the stop. Under the wheels of the car put stops to fix it in the right position. The jack is used to raise the body. Then you need to remove the plastic pads, which are attached to the bumper with the help of clips.

How to change the lamp in the fog lights

To access the headlight consistently remove all plastic, including mud guards. Further algorithm of actions is as follows:

After all the plastic parts are removed, you need to pull back the rubber dust cover that covers the connector and serves to protect it.
Press the tab and disconnect the locks of the wiring block and then the block itself.
The old bulb is turned counterclockwise and pulled out of the socket.
The new bulb is installed.
On older cars, the procedure may be more complicated. It will be necessary to disconnect the minus wire from the contact (it is usually made black). Then disconnect the plus wire strip. The tip should also be disconnected. The bulbs in the old optics are fixed on a special holder with “tendrils”, which must first be squeezed.

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