Do-it-yourself cleaning of engine nozzles at home is a business that every car owner faces who does not want to visit a car service. Injectors are the main element of the engine’s fuel system, which supplies the cylinders with the required amount of fuel. During operation, they often clog, leak, or simply fail. Timely flushing significantly increases the life of the injectors. But if your car has been missing injectors and other important parts for a long time, turn it in for recycling under the scrap car removal scarborough.

Reasons for clogged nozzles
Despite the rather simple principle of operation, injectors are involved in an important process for the smooth operation of the car.

The main reasons for clogged injectors of a car are the following factors:

Low-quality fuel;
Long service life;
Rough cleaning;
Untimely replacement of the fuel filter.
Operating the car with clogged injectors may lead to an increase in the temperature in the combustion chamber, as a result of piston wear and injector repair.

Signs of nozzle contamination
Like many parts of a car, injectors have characteristic signs of contamination and malfunction. First of all, it is worth warning that automakers recommend flushing the engine injectors every 30,000 kilometers. Secondly, the equipment can notify about a malfunction or contamination of the injectors during diagnostics. The main signs of contamination of the nozzles are the following:

Increased fuel consumption;
Deteriorated vehicle starting;
Decrease in engine power;
Failure of the gas pedal;
Poor vehicle acceleration.
Ways to flush nozzles with your own hands
You can buy products for flushing car engine injectors, but despite this, drivers have come up with several relatively simple ways. First, special equipment is often expensive and shows questionable results. Secondly, cleaning the engine injectors with your own hands without special means requires only the use of improvised means. At the same time, the quality of cleaning is almost inferior to professional washing of diesel engine injectors in a car service.

There are many ways to flush engine injectors with your own hands. However, the simplest and do not require the use of professional equipment are the following:

Using a carburetor cleaner (wearing gloves is important!). Surely, many car owners have a stale carburetor cleaner. It is he who does an excellent job of cleaning the nozzles. First, you need to remove them from the manifold. Cut the wire into 2 identical parts. Make insulation on the first side. Using electrical tape, connect to the battery. On the reverse side, slightly increase the insulation for connection to the nozzle. Make a small hole in the carbcliner cap with a thick needle. Next, insert the cap into the rubber hose and secure it with a special clamp. The completed structure must be placed on the carbcliner cylinder. Clean the nozzles from the outside, connect them to the rubber hose and tighten with a hose clamp. Next, connect the injectors to the battery. A knock will be heard, indicating the opening of the injector. Connect the structure with the nozzle to the cylinder and give a little pressure. The agent flowing out through the nozzles will allow them to be cleaned. After the initial cleaning, you need to perform all the actions again by turning the nozzle over;
Using acetone. It is enough to add pure acetone to the used gasoline. The amount depends on the octane number and the quality of the fuel. If you have quality gasoline, you can add 60 ml of acetone per 20 liters. gasoline. Attention (!), The addition of acetone must not be overused, as this can lead to engine malfunction.
It is worth remembering that if you are unsure of your abilities, it is better to entrust the cleaning of the engine nozzles to a professional in a car service in order to avoid unforeseen situations.

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