Many citizens today can not imagine their life without a car. Some take used vehicles, some have the opportunity to buy a new car from the showroom. There is an opinion that not all cars are equally good. However, if you are a follower of German quality, but you do not have enough money for a BMW, you can buy a more budget solution – we mean new Volkswagen cars. Cars of this make are available for scraps for cash.

If the word Volkswagen translated into native language, it will sound like “people’s car”. Since ancient times, cars of this brand really enjoyed great popularity among the people, and this applies to many countries. The quality, technical characteristics, and most importantly – the price, satisfied everyone.

Volkswagen cars today have all the attributes of a modern vehicle:

Powerful and reliable engine, automatic or manual transmission – for your personal preference there is a choice among both types of units.
The body, which with proper use and proper care will begin to rot badly very soon. The manufacturer gives a multi-year warranty on through-corrosion.
Safety – specially thought out frame together with belts and cushions, headrests and traumasafe trim will protect people in accidents.
Ergonomics and comfort – the driver sits comfortably. All controls are located so that their use does not distract from the control of the road situation.
Additional options – here you

have a lot to choose from, although even in the poorest configuration Volkswagen is already quite good.
Volkswagen cars also have important advantages for the Russian operating conditions:

Motors work well on domestic fuel.
Ground clearance allows you to cross many obstacles. And sometimes to drive on rough terrain.
Suspension, of course, stiff, but it is difficult to break even a loaded car.
Relatively simple design allows you to service the car in many service centers.
Sometimes there are complaints about the fact that the decorative plates on the Volkswagen body quickly fall off. It is possible to drive without them, but there is a nuance. To fix them, the manufacturer makes holes in the body. If they are not covered with anything, then the corrosion process can begin. In general, the Volkswagen car is really a people’s car. It has become a reliable friend, helper and even breadwinner for millions of people. This proves that the German quality remains at a great height even today.

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