What to do if the steering rack starts knocking?

During the operation of the car, significant loads fall on the steering rack, especially in the conditions of broken Russian roads. The state of the steering rack will not only affect the ease of driving, but also the safety in the car, so it is necessary to identify such faults in a timely manner and carry out competent car repairs. Otherwise, you have to go to a company that deals with scrap car removal etobicoke.

Causes of damage to the steering rack
The knock of the steering rack appears due to an increase in the gaps that are in the mating parts. Such gaps are formed due to wear of rubbing surfaces or due to breakdowns of individual parts, including splines, teeth, bearings, bushings and couplings. There are three mating points in the steering mechanism, including left-right movement of the steering rack, rotation on the gear shaft bearings, and rotation in the place of the rack and pinion gear connection.

If, when turning the steering wheel, a characteristic knock appears, then this indicates damage to one of the interface units and contacting parts. In such a case, the car owner needs to contact the service as soon as possible, carry out diagnostics and repairs. The fact is that by contacting the service in a timely manner, you can restore the steering rack or eliminate other possible breakdowns, without replacing this expensive unit.

Worn drive pinion bearings
This is a fairly rare breakdown that can lead to wear of the rail, after which a major overhaul of the vehicle control system is required. The car owner needs to remember that the control system has two needle and roller bearings, which must be changed during routine inspection and restoration of the car.

The appearance of gaps in the gear and rack
As the vehicle is operated, the teeth wear out, after which an increase in the gap is noted in the rack and pinion. Initially, such malfunctions can be eliminated by adjusting the clearance in the meshing of the gear and rack. However, in the future, it is already required to carry out a major restoration of the car. Defective parts, including gears and racks, if there is a knock and the impossibility of adjusting them, are replaced with new parts.

Sleeve wear
A typical malfunction of the steering system and a common cause of steering rack knocking is wear or breakage of the bushing centering the rack in the crankcase. The reason for such malfunctions is increased loads, as well as the operation of the car on Russian broken roads. You can perform such diagnostics yourself by shaking the right or left end of the rail. If the beating is clearly felt, then in such a case, the bushing needs to be replaced. It is important to carry out such work in a timely manner, which will eliminate the malfunction by replacing the bushing, but without changing the rail itself.

Let’s sum up
Knowing the design and features of the car control system, you can eliminate critical malfunctions, including avoiding the need to replace the steering rack. The characteristic knocks of the steering rack can appear due to wear or breakage of the bushing, the formation of a gap in the gear pair, and also when the bearings of the drive gear are destroyed. If characteristic knocks appear on your car or the steering wheel turns with significant effort, you need to contact the service as soon as possible and carry out diagnostics and car repairs.

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